System Design Solutions

System Design Solutions: Enabling Innovation for Success

The Synopsys System Design Solutions (SDS) team brings 3 decades of experience and a vast first pass silicon track record built upon Synopsys’ technology leadership. SDS works closely with customers to disrupt traditional design process, enabling them to meet and exceed the most stringent requirements, driving next generation subsystem and SoC innovation beyond existing architectural limits.

We help you get better results quicker
and the most out of the end-to-end solutions utilizing Synopsys platforms.

Design Points: Fine Tuning Emerging IP Solutions Built from Years of Leadership

Design Points are a specific combination of design style, design architecture, verification strategy, and application-specific HW/SW IP.  Complicating this are major changes in memory subsystems, system interfaces and system packaging. These factors are

driving inflection points which are accelerating adoption of emerging protocol standards, more advanced process nodes resulting in the redesign of existing system architectures.  SDS has delivered a broad set of customized Design Point solutions utilizing the most advanced emerging subsystems, tools and process nodes to SoC architects and their design implementation teams. Customized SDS Design Point solutions are key to enable customer specifications driven by extreme use cases introduced by emerging vertical applications including AI, Aerospace and Defense, HPC, autonomous vehicles and other segments as 5G broadens its deployment.

Ecosystem: Broad Domain Expertise Demand a more Collaborative Model

SDS’ end-to-end System Solutions and Synopsys Solutions Group’s comprehensive with their proven set of IP continue their longstanding collaboration with our foundry ecosystem for application-specific advanced node optimizations, leading 3rd party IP providers like Arm and EDA partner Ansys. To 

support system companies looking to oversee their supply chain from SoC hardware and software development to volume production, SDS continues to broaden their scope of services by partnering with Manufacturing Service Providers and other 3rd parties.

Turnkey Technology Experts: Spec-to-Package Design and Parts

SDS’ Turnkey offering spans front-end solutions including but not limited to architectural modeling and validation, design and verification, microarchitectural analysis, power planning, implementation and signoff and extends through package design. This enables our System Design Solutions team to model advanced node power parametrics into architectural performance and power analysis for validation through the entire design process. 

Engagement Models: Flexible, Collaborative and Scalable

SDS engagement models have enabled clients to introduce new products utilizing our Turnkey solutions, reuse our production proven development environments to have us provide a knowledge transfer to their teams as part of our flexible collaborative project execution models.   Our clients also address their peak capacity requirements with our SDS experts. 

Emerging Technologies: Accelerating Adoption

Establishing proven methodologies that optimize Design Points across our full end-to-end flow enables rapid development of correct-by-design SoCs.  A close-loop collaboration with Synopsys R&D empowers SDS to offer day-1 availability of the latest design technology innovations, allowing us to operate on a state-of-the-art design platform many months ahead of other providers. Applying Machine Learning to Product Portfolio Planning

SDS offers services to leap forward productivity making it possible for customers to analyze design targets and strategies faster than ever. Our team of experts optimize a full spectrum of DTCO (design/technology co-optimization), µarchitecture design, and flow parameters to drive PPA targets to their SoC architectural limits. 

Project Management

Top-notch program and technical management are a critical key to success on complex SoCs, and Synopsys certified Program Management ensure close/transparent collaboration with Synopsys, customer and all involved parties to deliver a successful on-time SoC project. 

System Design Solutions are built on end-to-end solutions utilizing Synopsys platforms.

  • Empowering our tool and IP customers get better results quicker
  • Enabling customers get the most out of their SoC design resources by implementing, optimizing and deploying our tools, expertise, experience, flows, methods, and IP
  • Differentiating from other design services companies because we leave our customers stronger than we found them, including new knowledge and methodologies to use on future projects

Services Offerings

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We help you get better results quicker
and the most out of the end-to-end solutions utilizing Synopsys platforms.