Build secure software at the speed of DevOps

Release secure, quality code faster

DevOps culture and practices help your organization rapidly build, reliably operate, and continuously improve your software solutions. However, DevOps can break your traditional application security testing processes and tools.

To maintain velocity without compromising security, you need to integrate security at every stage. That’s DevSecOps!

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  • 61%

    Percentage of organizations that say lack of automated, integrated security testing tools is the top challenge for DevSecOps

  • 72%

    Percentage of organizations that will have more than 500 nodes in the CI/CD toolchain by 2020

  • 71%

    Percentage of organizations that deploy code changes in hours or days

Synopsys helps you build security into DevOps

DevOps isn’t just about tools. It’s about people, processes, and technologies coming together to deliver better software efficiently. Synopsys helps you integrate security end to end.

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Integrated Tools

Integrate and automate application security in your CI/CD pipelines.

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Managed Services

Optimize your resource use with on-demand security testing.

Intelligent Orchestration

Build security into DevOps pipelines without compromising development velocity

DevSecOps is a team effort

  When teams work together, everybody wins. 

Build secure, high-quality software faster

By integrating and automating security checks throughout the SDLC, development teams streamline development while improving security.

Security + -

Maximize the effectiveness of application security programs

When security teams work with development to shift security testing earlier in development, costs and effort go down, and compliance rates go up.,

Ensure production applications and containers are secure

Operations teams can avoid being blindsided by application vulnerabilities in production when they have insight into the components used in the applications and containers they deploy.

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As organizations evolve their IT culture to DevOps by focusing on rapid service delivery through the adoption of agile and lean practices, we enable teams to inject comprehensive application security testing at the right time, at the right depth, with the right tools and processes, and with the right experience.

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