Fusion Design Platform

Unprecedented QoR and TTR for IC Design

The Fusion Design Platform™ delivers unprecedented full-flow quality-of-results (QoR) and time-to-results (TTR) to accelerate the next wave of semiconductor industry innovation. The industry’s first AI-enhanced, cloud-ready Design Platform with Fusion Technology™ is built from Synopsys’ market-leading, massively-parallel digital design tools, and augmented with innovative capabilities to tackle the escalating challenges in cloud computing, automotive, mobile, and IoT market segments and accelerate the next wave of industry innovation.

Fusion Technology™ redefines conventional EDA tool boundaries across synthesis, place-and-route and signoff, sharing integrated engines across the industry’s premier digital design products.  It enables  designers to accelerate the delivery of their next-generation designs with the industry-best QoR and the TTR. 

The Fusion Design Platform also leverages machine learning to enable additional QoR and TTR gains by speeding up computation-intensive analyses, predicting outcomes to improve decision-making, and leveraging past learning to drive better results. It is available on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and the Synopsys Cloud Solution.

Fusion Design Platform Highlights