Build secure, high-quality software faster

Synopsys solutions help you manage security and quality risks comprehensively, across your organization and throughout the application life cycle.

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Integrate security into your DevOps environment

Integrate and automate application security testing with the development and deployment tools you use today.

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Build a holistic AppSec program across your organization

Ensure your people, processes, and technology are aligned to defend against cyber attacks on the software you build and operate.

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Get on-demand security testing for any application

Extend the reach of your application security team with cost-effective security testing by our team of experts.

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Find and fix quality and compliance issues early in development

Maximize software reliability, minimize downstream maintenance headaches, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

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Identify open source, code quality, and security risks during M&A

Avoid surprises that can materially impact the value of software assets your company acquires.

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Assess your AppSec threats, risks, and dependencies

Go beyond security testing to understand likely cyber attack vectors and targets, as well as design flaws that can lead to security breaches.

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Tools and services that help you build security and quality into your SDLC

Any software. Any development model. Any stage. Synopsys has you covered.

Dev Ops

Code and build

Test and release

  • Seeker® (IAST): Automate web security testing within your DevOps pipelines
  • Tinfoil: Integrate DAST and API security testing into development and DevOps workflows
  • Defensics® fuzzing: Identify defects and zero day vulnerabilities in services and protocols

Deploy and operate

Monitor and plan

Polaris Software Integrity Platform

Streamline application security testing from developer to deployment

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